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Portlaoise Total Abstinence Association


We are a group of concerned people. Our mission is to build a society where people can live full lives without being dependent on alcohol or drugs. With this in our minds we need to address the problems in society caused by excess alcohol consumption and drug usage. This can be achieved regardless of religion through;


  1. Faith and prayer
  2. Self Denial
  3. Give example
  4. Have respect

We are currently inviting the confirmation candidates of 2012 to join the association. If you/your child would like to become a Young Pioneer (up to age of 18 years) please contact any of the committee members for an application form before Thursday 31st May.

The enrolment of Young Pioneers will take place during Mass on the Feast of the Sacred Heart, Friday 15th June in the Parish Centre at 8.00p.m.

We are also inviting non pioneers (adults) to join the association. If you are interested please contact one of the committee – details below.

Finally, our annual presentation of jubilee pins for Pioneers who are due their Silver (25 years membership), Gold (50 years membership) and Fr. Cullen (over 60 year’s membership) pins will take place during our Mass on the Feast of the Sacred Heart. If you wish to receive your pin please contact any of the committee members on or before 31st May. Pioneers who registered outside Portlaoise Parish but who are residing in the Parish are most welcome to receive their pin at the Mass.

Committee Members;

Paddy Lalor: (087) 2868092
Lena Connolly: (087) 2176127
Pauline O Sullivan: (087) 7549726
Jimmy Shields: (087) 6872633
Jennifer McEvoy: (087) 2909210


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