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Farewell Message from Fr. Jimmy O’Reilly

fr-jimmy1 Fr Jimmy O’Reilly SPS

I came to Portlaoise just ten months ago and now I have been asked to go and work at St. Patrick’s Missionary Society Kiltegan, Co. Wicklow – our headquarters. Though I have agreed to answer the request I am sad to be leaving Portlaoise. Being here for the past ten months has helped to make a good and joyful transition from working and living in Kenya to doing so in Ireland.

I have met so many people in so many different circumstances, sometimes sad, sometimes joyful, during my time here and it has been a very enriching experience for me.


I say a big Thank You to all the people of the Parish for how you accepted me into your midst. I also thank you for your affirmation and support. Being a Laois man I felt very much at home and am grateful for the opportunity to work in my home diocese and my home county.

Your faith and commitment are an inspiration and I appreciate the involvement of so many people at so many different levels in parish life.

Thanks very much to Msgr. John Byrne, Fr. Kevin Walsh, Fr. Tom O’ Connor and Fr. George Augustine for how we worked together and thanks for your support. Thanks to all the religious congregations in the Parish, men and women, for your past and present support.

I enjoyed working with all the staff of the parish centre and all the people I worked with and related to at every level. Thank you .

I wish you all every blessing and best wishes. You are welcome to visit me and my community at St. Patrick’s Kiltegan as you visit the Garden County. Let us pray for each other. With renewed thanks to God and to you all.


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