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Money back from the Tax Man-Its true and its easy!!!!

Tax Relief for Donations to Eligible Charities and Other Approved Bodies

This now applies to ALL tax payers – Self Assessment and PAYE employees. If you have contributed more than €250 in a tax (calendar) year to the weekly and various other Parish Collections, the Parish as a registered charity is entitled to claim back the tax you paid on your combined contributions. This includes all money donated to the Parish in the year, whether in the basket, the blue bag, by cheque, s/o,  or otherwise, including payments made to priests collections.  The tax rebate is paid now at a standard rate of 31%.

From your contributions of €250 the Parish can gain another €77.50 from the tax man.

All you have to do is complete the form below - called a CHY3 Form. Why not complete and return it to the Church (it may be placed in the blue bag) or to the Parish Centre. Forms are also available at the Parish Centre and in the Church porches. Please help us recover the tax you paid on your contributions to the Parish during 2013.

We are very grateful for the support we receive from so many in our Parish. Many contribute in  excess of €250 in the year and so the tax reclaim scheme has the potential to be of substantial benefit to our School development plans if we can get the forms signed.

Please, if you have contributed more than €250 in the year,  download and complete the form below and return it. The Revenue ask us to make just one claim, so when we have all the forms assembled we will process the claim. This form can be used for a 5 year period. This is one area we can significantly improve  Parish Income and without looking for more from our generous parishioners.



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