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Volunteering Guidlines

COVID 19 – Volunteering

Golden Rules:

  • This is a confidential service and the client’s privacy is paramount.
  • All volunteers must practice social distancing and will not enter a client’s
  • home unless absolutely necessary.
  • All volunteers must adhere to HSE hygiene guidelines.
  • This service does not offer credit, we will organise payment method with client at time of request.
  • Please exercise discretion when finalising payment with client

Hygiene Guidelines for Volunteer Shoppers:

  • Where possible confirm list of items needed over the phone first to minimise contact with recipient.
  • Wash hands before carrying out shopping.
  • Maintain social distancing throughout.
  • Place all shopping into a disposable shopping bag.
  • Disinfect hands upon leaving the store.
  • On arrival at recipient’s home, ring door bell and stand back 2 metres.
  • Do not enter home unless entirely necessary even if invited – explain that this is for their and your safety.
  • Ask recipient to wipe all products with hot wet cloth and fairy liquid or disinfectant wipe and dispose of shopping bag in the bin.
  • Remind the recipient to wash their hands afterwards and avoid touching their face until this is done.
  • Volunteers should wash hands again upon returning home.
  • Always follow HSE guidelines around hand washing, sneezing/coughing into your arm or a tissue and practicing social distancing.
  • NB If you have any symptoms of illness at all, do not interact with any vulnerable members of your community.