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Happy Mothering Sunday

The Fourth Sunday of Lent is traditionally called Laetare Sunday, a celebration very much like Gaudete Sunday in Advent. For each of those   Sundays, we can use rose-coloured vestments, and both Latin words can be translated, “rejoice.” Both also announce to us that we are drawing ever closer to the feast for which we are preparing (Christmas for Gaudete Sunday, and Easter for Laetare Sunday). This day has also come to be known as ‘Mothering Sunday’. Four hundred years ago, people made a point of visiting their nearest big church (the Mother Church) on the fourth Sunday of Lent. Young girls and boys ‘in service’ were only allowed one day to visit their family each year, and this was usually Mothering Sunday. Often the housekeeper or cook would allow the maids to bake a cake to take home for their mother. Sometimes a gift of eggs; or flowers from the garden was allowed. ‘Mothering Sunday’ does not have the same origins as ‘Mother’s Day’, but it has become a tradition to show our mothers our appreciation on this Sunday.  Happy Mothering Sunday!

What is a Mother

What is a Mother?

Who shall answer this?

A mother is a font and spring of life,

A mother is a forests in whose heart lies hid a secret ancient as the hills,

For me to claim and take its wealth away;

And like the forest shall her wealth renew and give, and give again that men may live (Francis Cardinal Spellman)



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