Never Give Up

Easter is a good time to reaffirm our faith. The Resurrection is the culmination of Christ’s journey on this earth, and the beginning of our journey in faith. Our journey begins with belief in the Resurrection. The Resurrection reminds us that God can lift up what is cast down, mend what is broken and raise what is dead. The Resurrection didn’t of course make everything all right for us. We still have a world full of pain, sickness and sin, but now we have a hope that we didn’t have before. The empty tomb points to God working in our world. At whatever stage we are in our journey of faith, the Resurrection means that nothing can be the same again.

But what if our journey in faith has faltered or even stopped? What if the account of the empty tomb leaves us with more questions with answers? In our twenty first century, ‘belief’ sits side by side with lots of other words like ‘evidence’ and ‘measurable or tangible outcomes’. But if we are going to treat the resurrection as though it were some sort of detective story then we are travelling along the wrong path. Our journey of faith needs to rely firstly on a trust that God is working in our world. Trust is a decision and we   decide to trust in all sorts of things in life from insurance to wrinkle cream and a million other inconsequential.  Yet a decision to trust in God is the most important thing any of us will ever do. A trust in God will lead to observations day by day and those   observations will lead to a spiritual relationship. That’s an exciting    belief. Our spiritual journey leads us to know that God loves us. It might take a long time to know it, so today’s advice is ‘never give up’.